Safety and Fire Prevention Information

For your information, we have provided the following publications from various

fire and safety agencies 

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Child Safety

Babysitting Safety, NFPA

Burn and Scald Prevention, USFA

Child Booster Seat Installation Checklist, NHSTA  (Spanish)

Child Car Seat Installation Checklist, NHSTA  (Spanish)

Children and Fire Safety Tips, NFPA

Hover Boards, NFPA

Laundry Detergent Packets, AAPCC

Prevent Child In-Home Drowning Deaths, CPSC

Scald Prevention, NFPA

Sesame Street Family Fire Safety Guide, USFA  (Spanish)


Emergency Preparedness/Escape Plans

Emergency Supply Checklist, FEMA

Escape Planning Tips, NFPA

Evacuation Guide For People With Disabilities, NFPA

Family Communication Plan for Children, FEMA

Family Communication Plan for Parents, FEMA

Family Go Kit List, NOAA

Prepare For Emergencies Now, FEMA

Prepare For Emergencies Now For Older Americans, FEMA

Prepare For Emergencies Now For Pet Owners, FEMA

Preparing Makes Sense For Older Americans, FEMA


Fire Setting/Arson

Youth Fire Setting, USFA



Be Ready Floods, CDC

Turn Around, Don't Drown, NOAA



The Flu and You, CDC

Three Actions to Fight the Flu, CDC

Cleaning to Prevent the Flu, CDC

Everyday Preventative Actions Against Germs, CDC


Home Safety

9 Volt Battery Safety, NFPA

Appartment Fire Safety, USFA  (Spanish)

Be Fire Safe, NFPA

Candle Safety Tips, NFPA

Clothes Dryer Safety, USFA

Clothes Dryer Safety Tips, NFPA

Cooking Safety, NFPA

Carbon Monoxide Safety, NFPA  (Spanish)

Carbon Monoxide Safety, USFA  (Spanish)

Don't Wait, Check the Date on Your Smoke Detector, USFA  (Spanish)

Electrical Fire Safety, USFA  (Spanish)

Electrical Safety Tips, NFPA

Electrical Safety Around Water, NFPA

Fire Safety Checklist For Homeowners and Renters, USFA  (Spanish)

Fire Safety For People With Disabilities, USFA

Fire Sprinklers, USFA

Fire Sprinklers, NFPA

Heating Fire Safety, USFA  (Spanish)

Heating Safety, NFPA

Home Fire Protection Plan, USFA  (Spanish)

Home Needle Disposal, ADEQ

Home Safety Checklist, USFA

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Hording and Fire, Reducing the Risk, NFPA

Household Chemicals, USFA

Keep Your Home Safe, USFA  (Spanish)

Light Bulb Safety Tips, NFPA

Lithium Ion Battery Safety, NFPA

Medical Oxygen Safety, NFPA

Microwave Safety, NFPA

Oily Rags Safety, NFPA

Open Flames and Fire Safety, USFA  (Spanish)

Outdoor Electrical Safety, NFPA

Outdoor Fire Safety, NFPA  (Spanish)

Portable Fireplace Safety, NFPA

Portable Heater Safety, NFPA

Prevent Home Garage Fires, USFA

Prevent Child In-Home Drowning Deaths, CPSC

Protect Everyone in Your Home From Fire, USFA  (Spanish)

Scald Prevention, NFPA

Smoke Alarms, NFPA

Smoke Alarms For People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, NFPA

Water Safety at Home, SafeKids


Manufactured Home Safety

Manufactured Home Safety Tips, NFPA


Smoking Safety

Smoking Safety, NFPA 


Summer Safety

Camping Fire Safety, NFPA

Electrical Safety Around Water, NFPA

Fireworks Safety Tips, NFPA

Grilling Fire Safety, USFA

Grilling Safety Tips, NFPA

Lightning Safety, NFPA

Summer Fire Safety, USFA


Vehicle Safety

Seat Belt Recommendations for Pregnant Drivers and Passengers, USDOT

Child Booster Seat Installation Checklist, NHSTA  (Spanish)

Child Car Seat Installation Checklist, NHSTA  (Spanish)



Wildfire/Defensible Space

Be Firewise, USFA

Wildfire Safety Tips, NFPA

Wildfires-Protect Yourself and Your Community, USFA  (Spanish)


Winter/Holiday Safety

Candle Safety Tips, NFPA

Cristmas Tree Safety Tips, NFPA

Halloween Safety Tips, NFPA

Holiday Fire Prevention, USFA  (Spanish)

Thanksgiving Safety, NFPA

Top 10 Winter Freeze Tips, NFPA

Winter Holiday Safety, NFPA

Winter Storm Safety, NFPA

Wood Pellet Stove Safety, NFPA


Other Safety/Prevention

Camping Fire Safety, NFPA

Campus Safety Tips, NFPA

Car Fire Safety, NFPA

Every Business Should Have a Plan, FEMA

Gel Fuel Safety Tips, NFPA

Generator Safety Tips, NFPA

Generator Safety, USFA  (Spanish)

Hotel/Motel Fire Safety, USFA

Hotel/Motel Safety, USFA

Lithium Ion Battery Safety, NFPA

Oily Rags Safety, NFPA

Over the Counter Medicine Safety, AAPCC

Practice Responsible Open Burning, ADEQ (Burn Permit Required)

Safety in Places of Public Assembly, NFPA

Safe Options for Home Needle Disposal, ADEQ

Sky Lanterns, NFPA

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RECALL of Kidde Fire Extinguishers
The Consumer Products Safety Commission announced a massive recall of 37.8 million Kidde fire extinguishers in the United States. Click here to go to their website to see if your fire extinguishers have been recalled.