Services Provided

Residents within the Verde Valley Fire District boundaries are provided most services at no additional cost over the amount paid through property taxes (some services are not included).  Out of District residents will be charged according to the fee schedule adopted by the Fire Board in compliance with A.R.S. 48-814.  Out of District residents have the option to annex into the District or contract for services to receive the same benefits as in-District residents.  For annexation or contract information, please see the "Annexation/Contracts" link under the Community Information/Education tab or call the station at (928) 634-2578.

The Verde Valley Fire District provides services including, but not limited to:
     *Fire Suppression
     *Emergency Medical Services                                       
     *Technical Rescue (auto extrication, building collapse, trench rescue, swift water rescue, rope rescue, etc.)
     *Hazardous Materials First Responders
     *Wildland Firefighting
     *Special Duty Assignments (snake removal, bee problems, invalid assist, welfare check, smoke
      detector check, installation and battery replacement, blood pressure checks, etc.)
     *Fire Investigation
     *Building Inspection
     *Mutual Aid and Auto Aid to Surrounding Agencies

In addition to these services, Verde Valley Fire District also provides the following services:

Certified Car Seat Technicians

     Verde Valley Fire District currently has three (2) Certified Car Seat Technicians on staff to help with
     proper car seat installation and answering any questions that you may have about your child's car seats. 
     When grant funds allow, we have free car seats available for those in financial need.  Please call
     ahead if you are in need of car seat assistance as a Certified Car Seat Technician is not always available.

CPR/First Aid Classes

     Verde Valley Fire District has certified instructors that teach CPR, First Aid and AED classes
     monthly.  Classes are held at Station 31 located at 2700 E Godard Road, Cottonwood, Arizona.

     For more information, including fees, please call (928) 634-2578.

Hands Only CPR or Continuous Chest Compression "CCC" Classes

     Verde Valley Fire District also teaches hands only CPR (CCC).  This course is offered at no cost.  If you
     are interested in learning hands only CPR, please call (928) 634-2578 for more information.

Smoke Detector Checks

     Smoke detector's should be test
ed monthly and batteries should be changed annually.  If you need
     assistance, we can help.  Call us at (928) 634-2578 and we'll schedule a time to come assist you.

Carbon Monoxide Checks

Carbon monoxide, also known as the silent killer, is an odorless and colorless gas produced by stoves,
     lanterns, burning charcoal and wood, as well as gas ranges and heating systems.  Many people mistake
     the symptoms of CO poisoning for coming down with the flu. 

     The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:

     If you or others in your household are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, follow these
          Call 9-1-1 immediately.
          Go to a hospital immediately.
          Do NOT re-enter the home until emergency services has indicated that it is safe to return.

     Verde Valley Fire District has equipment to test the air for carbon monoxide in your home.  If
     you would like us to test your air, please call (928) 634-2578 and we'd be happy to assist you.

Blood Pressure Checks

     Need help checking your blood pressure?  Stop by either of the Stations, we'd be happy to check your
     blood pressure and provide a blood pressure tracking card to help you keep a record of your blood

Public Education/Station Tours

     Verde Valley Fire District participates in Verde Valley LAFS (Life and Fire Safety) Programs teaching
     school children safety messages through plays and other fun learning programs.  We also give
     presentations in meetings and classrooms for all ages and areas of interest.  Station tours are also
     available.  For more information or to schedule a station tour or other visit, please call (928) 634-2578.

Sand Bags

     Sand and sand bags are available for District residents for residential flood control use at Station 31
     located at 2700 E Godard Road, Cottonwood, Station 32 located at 1120 S Page Springs Road,
     Cornville, and at Station 36 located at 895 1st South Street, Clarkdale.  Limited supplies available. 

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Fire Restrictions effective Friday, April 20, 2018. See the Press Release for details.