Frequently Asked Questions

Verde Valley Fire District is committed to continuously finding new ways in which we can better serve the community that we serve. With such a large variety of services offered by fire departments today, we understand there are a lot of questions that may arise as to why or how we operate. We would like to be proactive in answering some of these various questions. If you do not find the answer to a question you have listed below, please feel free to contact us via email at or by calling our administration office at (928) 634-2578.
Can I burn today?
Click HERE to see if burning is permitted. 
Is my property in the Verde Valley Fire District ?
Who pays for the District?
The fire district is formed under Arizona Revised Statue Title 48 - special taxing districts. The fire district generates the majority of its revenue from the assessed limited value (ALV) on real property, not the full cash value. Based on the mil rate of $3.21 per $100.00 of ALV, the annual tax on a home with an ALV of $25,000 is $802.50.
How do I find my assessed limited value (ALV)?
You can find your ALV on your Notice of Value card or GIS website. 
Does being in a Fire District affect my property insurance rate?
While insurance rates vary, you may realize a decrease in your property insurance premiums when you're in the District.
Why does a fire truck show up when I call 911? 
Each Verde Valley Fire District engine is staffed with paramedics and EMT's. Firefighters bring all of their tools with them when they respond to an emergency so that they are always prepared to respond to another emergency such as a fire. Fire trucks carry firefighting and emergency medical equipment and the firefighters who ride the fire truck are trained to fight fires and provide medical treatment.