How to Annex into the District

Per Arizona Revised Statutes 48-814, a fire district may provide or assist in providing emergency fire or emergency medical services outside of its own district boundaries if those services are otherwise unavailable and if those services are provided at the request of any law enforcement agency, fire district, fire department or private person, and may receive reimbursement for the costs of providing the emergency services.  The person receiving the services, or on whose behalf the services are provided, is liable to the fire district for the costs and these costs constitute a debt of that person and may be collected by the fire district. 
Property owners that are not within the District's boundaries can petition to annex their property into the District or can contract for services with the Fire District.  A contract for services provides the same protections and services as being a resident of the District. 
Some of these services include, but are not limited to:
Fire Suppression
Emergency Medical Service / Paramedic Response 
Ambulance Transport (Regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services and covered by most health insurance companies)
Technical Rescue 
Wildland Firefighting
Snake Removal 
Special Duty Assignments 
And so much more...
For more information, please contact Administrative Manager Lisa Elliott at (928) 634-2578 extension 6.

Is your property in Verde Valley Fire District?
District Tax Information 
Fire District Taxes are assessed and collected by the county as part of your property tax. You Property assessment and tax information can be found at