How Do I?

Get a copy of an EMS, fire or incident report?

EMS reports are not public record and this information is protected per HIPAA regulations. EMS reports are provided with a valid HIPAA authorization signed by the patient.
Incident reports are public record.
Fire Investigation reports are public information with some restrictions.  
To obtain records, please complete the Records Release Form and mail or hand deliver it to 2700 E Godard Road, Cottonwood, AZ, 86326.

Records Release Form

Enroll in a CPR Class?

Register and pay on our website HERE. For any questions contact the Administrative office at (928) 634-2578.

Check my smoke detector?

Each smoke detector has a test button, usually in the center of the detector. Press the test button and hold for a few seconds. If it is working correctly, the alarm will sound and will automatically stop after a few more seconds.

Apply for a burn permit?

Click HERE to apply for a burn permit.