Key Lock Box (Knox Box) Information

Key lock boxes (Knox Box) are installed at a home or business and contain entry keys to the structure.  Only emergency personnel have the lock box key so they can easily gain access in an emergency.  This saves precious time and can spare property damage caused by forced entries.  Though every property owner can benefit from have a key lock box, they are especially useful for elderly persons who may fall and not be able to let responders into the home.
There are two ways to order a Knox Box for a residence or a business.  You can either call customer service or you can order a Knox Box via their website.

  • To place your order over the phone, dial 1-800-552-5669 and speak to a customer service representative.  The customer service representative will need the following information:
    • What city you reside in
    • What fire district you reside in (Verde Valley Fire District).  The box will be keyed to your fire district's specifications.
    • The model number for a standard residential box is 1651.

  • To place your order online, go to the Knox Box website at
    • Once on the website, select the Knox Box model number 1651 located on the left hand side of the screen.
    • Enter your zip code in the appropriate box, then click the search by zip box.
    • Locate Verde Valley/Cornville Fire District and click on the green OK circle.
    • For a residence, select Door Hang Model #1651 by clicking on "add to cart."
    • Once the new screen appears, fill in the boxes with the appropriate information, then click "save address."
    • The next screen will confirm your order.
    • To complete your order, click "check out."

Orders are processed and shipped from the Knox Box headquarters in Phoenix within 3-5 days. 
Once you receive your Knox Box and have it installed please notify Verde Valley Fire District at 928-634-2578 and inform them where the Knox Box is installed on your building.